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GOTHENBURG – Finnish fashion retailer, Lindex, will train all of its designers, buyers and production teams in design methods for circularity by 2020 as part of a bold move aimed at helping it transition towards a circular business model. The company will also introduce functional durability and ease of repair as part of its design strategy for selected product groups over the next 18 months and introduce textile collection facilities in all its own stores.

“With a growing population and a growing middle class globally combined with unsustainable consumption patterns, we use up more natural resources than our planet can handle,”said the business as it launched its annual sustainability report.

“To meet these challenges we need to use resources in the best way and move towards a circular economy. We need a system-level change to a more holistic approach that equates economic aspects to social and environmental ones. This system-level change is essential in enabling more circular business models to change ways of working from linear to circular.

“A circular approach is not just about recycling; it builds on resource efficiency at every stage throughout a garment’s lifecycle. The most resource-efficient strategy is to find ways to prolong the lifetime of a garment. When the garment can no longer be used or reused, the next step is to find ways to recover the fabric in the garment by, for example, remaking it into new items. Recycling is in most cases more resource efficient compared to growing or producing new fibres, but it should be considered the final step after a garment ́s lifetime has been maximised.”

Lindex is a Finnish owned fashion chain within the Stockmann Group. The company has around 5,000 employees and approximately 480 stores in 18 markets in the Nordic countries, the Baltic States, Central Europe and the Middle East. In addition to sales in store, Lindex also offers their fashion assortment via Shop Online in 28 countries. The company has experienced rapid international expansion and sales growth.

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