How Shein is outpacing legacy fast fashion brands

Discover the secrets behind Shein’s meteoric rise in our latest report, “Inside Shein – The Brand Disrupting Fashion Retail.” This meticulously researched report examines how this Chinese brand has out-manoeuvred traditional fast fashion giants through innovative strategies, from agile supply chains to data-driven design processes.

Learn about Shein’s use of social media marketing and aggressive approach to customer engagement that has helped it become the largest fast fashion brand globally by revenues.

This report is essential for industry professionals seeking to understand the rapidly evolving landscape of fashion retail.

The report is laid out in 10 sections, with lots of helpful charts and graphs which visually illustrate the current state of play in fast fashion and Shein’s positioning in the market.

All aspects of Shein’s strategy are examined, from its dominance of Google rankings, use of influencer partnerships, and tactics it deploys on its website which borrow heavily from those seen in the gambling industry. Each section includes critical analysis of Shein’s approach.

The report also looks at potential pitfalls for Shein, documenting key regulatory reform which could slow down the Shein juggernaut.

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