Why Apparel Insider?

At Apparel Insider, we research and write the very best industry content to provide essential reading for professionals and other interested stakeholders in the global apparel and textiles sectors.

Our by-monthly printed magazine and website spotlight financial and sustainability issues in the global textile value chain. We look at how apparel businesses are performing financially, and what they are doing with regards to sustainability, including environmental and CSR performance and associated global supply chain challenges.

Gone are the days when investors were only interested in a company’s balance sheet. These days, stakeholders also want to know how a business is performing with regards to sustainability – hence our decision to bring the issues of finance and sustainability together on one media platform.

What makes us different

  • Our writers and editors are moving the sustainability discussion forwards from eco to economics – blending exclusive news and insight with knowledgeable commentary and opinion.
  • Our backgrounds are in finance and economics and we are bringing this understanding to the sustainability sphere. The result is keen insight and thought provoking analysis on sustainability issues and financial challenges facing the global apparel and textile industries.
  • We provide probing, insightful and intelligent journalism written by highly experienced and connected journalists with the inside track on the textiles industry.
  • Our printed magazine has quickly become established as a must-read publication for apparel and textile professionals. It blends detailed updates on the latest apparel industry news and developments with deep, probing analysis into topical issues impacting the industry.

Why Subscribe

Subscribers to the Apparel Insider receive:

  • Full access to our exclusive website news and content, including all our archived material.
  • Delivery of a printed copy of Apparel Insider magazine which is published six times each year.
  • News and information on product discounts at Apparel Insider, including industry reports, white papers and other products.
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