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Stephen Sidkin, partner at Fox Williams LLP and Lucy Coffey, associate, explain what industry executives need to know about the Green Claims Code by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority which has implications for fashion greenwashing

LONDON – The fashion industry has faced significant criticism for some time about its impact on the global environment, so it is easy to see why fashion businesses are increasingly keen to promote sustainability and ‘eco’ products.

Companies throughout the industry, from High Street to the luxury market, are anxious to burnish their green credentials and consumers are now greeted by these ‘green claims’ messages which suggest that a product or service is beneficial or less harmful to the environment.

However, the industry is allegedly rife with greenwashing – where the sustainability credentials of a company’s product is overstated. It was no surprise therefore that the Competition and Markets Authority highlighted the fashion industry when announcing its Green Claims Code (the ‘Code’) and accompanying guidance last month to ensure companies are not overstating the sustainability credentials of their products.

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