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LONDON – Spanish fast fashion giant Zara is Europe’s most commonly listed second-hand brand with almost 700,000 listings on reselling platforms, new analysis found. Researchers measured the number of listings of major brands across the main second-hand listings platforms of Depop, eBay, Vestiaire Collective, and ASOS Marketplace.

With clothes reselling platforms becoming incredibly popular in recent years, Savoo analysed the number of listings of 30 top brands across four online second-hand marketplaces.

Nike ranks second to Zara with 610,000 listings currently across the four second-hand marketplaces. In third place is Adidas. The brand was found to have a total of 467,022 listings across the four marketplaces.

Fast fashion clothing brand H&M has the next most active resellers market, followed by Victoria’s Secret. Competing the top ten are ASOS, Levi, Gucci, Luis Vuitton and Chanel.

Seeing two fast fashion brands in the top five of this survey may come as a surprise to some. However, the sheer volume of clothing produced and sold via conventional avenues by Zara and H&M means their presence in the resale market was always likely to be high. Also worth noting is that this survey simply counted listings – there is no indication of sales volumes.

Ed Fleming, manager director at Savoo, commented on the findings saying: “The importance of being sustainable is rising as shoppers have become more aware of their ecological footprint. From food wastage to buying second-hand clothes, consumers are not only more conscious of protecting the environment they live in, but are also looking at ways to save money with sustainable practices in light of the cost of living crisis.’

“It’s great to see shoppers making more of an effort to become more environmentally friendly while still looking fashionable, and wasting less at the same time. Sustainability continues to transform the way we shop and consumers are becoming more vocal about what they want in a brand.”

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