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ARTEIXO – Fashion brand Zara, a company of the Inditex Group, has announced the launch of a capsule collection made from Circulose, the recycled fibre of Swedish innovator Renewcell. Renewcell’s technology dissolves garments with high cellulosic content into a pulp which can be used to yield what are claimed to be virgin-equivalent raw material to make new clothing.

“Collaborations with such global brands, bring our vision to change fashion at scale to life, and our rapid growth would not be possible without partners like Zara joining this shift. We are delighted to reveal this collection made with Circulose as the latest step in our ongoing collaboration,” said Patrik Lundström, CEO of Renewcell.

In a press statement, Rewnewcell said: “Soon operating at commercial scale in their new plant in Sundsvall, Sweden, the 100 per cent textile-to-textile recycled material Circulose by Renewcell continues to save waste from landfills by creating value through circular supply chains with brands around the world, now with Zara.”

For Zara, this collaboration is part of Inditex’s Sustainability Innovation Hub, an open-innovation platform. The aim is to work alongside start-ups, academic institutions, and tech centres to, “promote and scale initiatives developing new materials, technologies and processes that reduce the environmental footprint of fashion and help advance towards more sustainable production.”

The collection made with Circulose is available beginning August 4 at www.zara.com

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