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ARTEIXO – Inditex’s second-hand platform, Zara Pre-Owned, is set to be made available in a further 14 European countries after successful launches in the UK and France.

The service is being made available through Zara’s stores, website and a mobile app. The goal is to extend the life of customers’ garments and reduce waste, including the consumption of new raw materials. Critics might argue that Zara could achieve the latter goals by producing less clothing in the first place.

Fashion resale as an industry is growing at five times the rate of overall commerce according to research by e-commerce consultants Trove. The market for pre-owned goods was US$100bn globally in 2022, with resale forecast to reach US$250bn globally by 2027, according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

In the fashion industry, luxury goods players were the first to establish resale channels. However, these have been followed by fast fashion players such as H&M, PrettyLittleThing and Boohoo.

Given the poor quality of the clothing produced by some of these brands, it is difficult to believe entry into the resale market represents anything other than a rather cynical marketing exercise.

Charity and secondhand stores generally have problems with fast fashion resale because the resale value is very low, meaning margins are tiny to non-existent.

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