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DHAKA – The government of Bangladesh has said laid-off garment workers will receive just 60 per cent of their salaries for the month of April. The decision – which has been slammed by union leaders – will leave thousands of workers dependent on high interest loans to make ends meet, according to Apparel Insider’s own research.

Our research found garment workers receive an average wage of approximately BDT 12000 per month, but this includes overtime and other benefits. The 60 per cent figure would only refer to basic salary. Our figures show housing rent is usually around BDT 4000 thousand taka per month for a single family. Another 1,000 goes on utilities such as electricity. Another 4,000 or so will likely go on grocery items and other food spending. Around 1,000 might go on mobile telephony, daily personal expenses and internet use. Finally, this leaves BDT 1000 to send back to their native villages.

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