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SPONSORED CONTENT – The quest for the perfect bra has been a long and evolving journey in the world of lingerie. Several products, designed specifically with petite consumers in mind, tend to leave larger size wearers with ill-fitting, thicker bras that come in limited styles and designs. Research shows that women with larger breasts struggle more with chafing and discomfort. 80 per cent of consumers in their 30s and above look for lace garments that offer support and control while 60 per cent find lace garments itchy, rough and less durable.

To make garments that are comfortable for all wearers, that provide support, and address the pains of traditional lace was a task readily fulfilled by the Inntrix team at Noyon. Imagine a bra that resolves all the qualms associated with lace undergarments—itchiness, discomfort, and the perpetual fear of lace showing through tops and t-shirts. That is the Zoella Bra by Inntrix.

This is a bra made of lace fabric that addresses consumer concerns, particularly for those who grapple with discomfort and the lack of support. The bra features seamless zones of different compression levels, strategically placed to support the velocity of the bust. The Zoella bra incorporates these support zones as a bottom band, unlike bras with thick foam cups that add bulk. This construction eliminates the need for a separate elastic and under wire that are uncomfortable and cause irritation. It further offers an anti-bounce effect so that every movement- whether it’s a casual day out or a high energy workout- is met with targeted support.

At the heart of Zoella’s appeal is its commitment to celebrating natural beauty of the female form. The Zoella bra presents a moldable unlined design that harmonizes with the body’s contours, eliminating the compromise between freedom and structure to ensure the wearer feels confident in their natural shape. In a departure from conventional lace bras, Zoella introduces a pushup support system that subtly enhances the natural silhouette. This feature not only provides a lift but helps wearers embrace their curves without sacrificing ease of movement.

Beyond its technical engineering, Zoella stands out for its creative and customizable designs. Embracing an edgy aesthetic, the Zoella bra offers brands the opportunity to maximize on creative prints and designs.

Unique features that make the Zoella bra delicate yet durable:

  • 190 GSM: The Zoella bra boasts a much lower GSM than other thick, low impact bras or lightweight sports bras which usually have 200 to even 300 GSM
  • 4.0 Piling Resistant: Resisting wear and tear, Zoella maintains its pristine appearance even after multiple wears.
  • 4.0 Snagging Resistant: Designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, the bra remains snag-free, ensuring longevity.
  • Less than 5 per cent Washing Shrinkage: Addresses a common woe with lace undergarments—washing shrinkage— the Zoella bra maintains 95 per cent of its fit and form over time.

The Zoella bra is a creation from Noyon (Pvt) Ltd., a lace manufacturer known for its expertise in traditional French lace. As the global lace exporter servicing prominent lingerie brands, Noyon Lanka uses innovative, sustainable methods to create intricate traditional lace for intimate wear and sleep wear. As a subsidiary of the global apparel giant MAS Holdings, Noyon has ventured beyond conventional boundaries. Inntrix is Noyon’s innovative engineered warp-knitted collection which offers high-quality fabric for athleisure as well as intimate wear, sleep wear, and fem tech.

Noyon’s unique apparel solution- the Zoella bra- empowers women, reshaping their experience with lingerie, proving that lace can indeed be both supportive and stylish.

For inquiries contact:

Manjula Jayawardana (deputy general manager – development and innovations)



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