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STOCKHOLM – Leading Swedish fashion brands including H&M, Kappahl and Peak Performance have joined the work of The Sustainable Fashion Academy to tackle climate issues. Through the ‘Swedish textile initiative for climate action’ the companies will focus on reducing their climate impact by at least 30 per cent by 2030, in line with the United Nations ‘Fashion Industry Charter on Climate Action’ that will be officially launched next week during COP24. It is unclear at this stage, however, why a separate Swedish initiative has been created which, in theory, will have significant overlap with the UN initiative.

“The Sustainable Fashion Academy (SFA) believes that the only legitimate way for the apparel and textiles industry to address their contribution to global warming is by making commitments to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions in line with 1.5 C warming pathway. And we in Sweden, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to take the lead. That is why we have launched the Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action,” said Michael Schragger of The Sustainable Fashion Academy in a statement.

The purpose of STICA is said to be to support the Swedish industry in efforts to reduce its climate impact and stimulate industry innovation. The initiative is creating a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration and reporting so that the Sweden’s fashion and textile industry “can lead the way and be climate-positive well before 2050.”

Fredrika Klarén, head of sustainability at Kappahl said: “To tackle the climate impact stemming from our value chain we need joint efforts and clear goals. We want to create support for the entire Swedish textile industry, both small and large enterprises, in taking climate action. We want to ensure Sweden leads the way and that the Swedish textile industry becomes climate positive well before 2050.”

STICA is inviting other Swedish fashion and textile companies of all sizes, as well as industry associations and NGO’s that can serve as supporting partners, to join the initiative. STICA will also report on progress.

“Climate change remains one of the greatest challenges of our time. Its consequences will affect our entire planet and everyone living on it. H&M have set the goal of becoming climate positive across our entire value chain by 2040. Together with the industry, stakeholders and business partners we can make a sustainable difference,” added Felicia Reuterswaerd, head of sustainability at H&M Sweden.

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