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HELSINKI – Finnish tech business Spinnova has announced a new capital injection of €11m. The business said it will use the money to start commercialisation of its cellulose-based fibre products. The investment came entirely from Spinnova’s existing investors; family investment offices, private investors, a venture capital investment fund and industrial partners.

Spinnova’s patented technology doesn’t use any harmful chemicals or produce any waste or side streams. Its developers claim – perhaps prematurely – that the fibre and production is the “most sustainable in the world.”

In Spinnova’s production process, pulp is converted directly into textile fibre without harmful chemicals, in a process based on mechanical treatment only, fibre suspension flows and rheology.

The pulp flows through a unique nozzle, where the fibres and fibrils rotate and align with the flow, creating a strong, elastic fibre network. The fibre is then spun and dried, suitable for spinning into yarn and then knitting or weaving into fabric elsewhere.

There are no waste streams in this closed process, with the only side product being evaporated water, which is also recycled back into the process.

Spinnova is now said to be beginning to plan for its commercial phase after getting proof of concept from its pilot factory. The pilot line was completed in Finland last December and ramped up over early 2019. Now fully operational, the pilot is producing fibre for Spinnova’s brand partners, while Spinnova scales towards a commercial facility.

“We have proven success in both strategic focus areas related to our vision: We work closely with brands in developing our fibre products and will scale the sustainable technology to big volumes with industrial partners,” said Spinnova’s CEO and co-founder, Janne Poranen.

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