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LONDON – After issuing a call for entrepreneurs doing great things in purposeful fashion, this week we present the results. Our FREE supplement can be downloaded HERE. It includes stories from small fashion businesses all around the world.

We received a massive response. Thank you to all who sent their stories in – there is a huge amount of activity in this area.

Common themes among businesses we spoke to include:

  • A focus on great quality clothing which lasts
  • Storytelling around the clothing we wear
  • Fair and ethical treatment of suppliers and their workers
  • Use of natural textile fibres

Our sincere thanks to Compare Ethics for sponsoring this supplement and helping to bring it to a wider audience. Compare Ethics is a Product Intelligence and Compliance platform that enables companies to manage, verify and communicate product impact claims at scale. Through AI-powered software, companies can remain compliant with fast-changing regulation while improving the quality and reliability of their product-related ESG data.


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