There is a lot of focus in the sustainability space on producing less, better made clothing. High quality, classically styled dresses that will grace your wardrobe for years, or super-warm, hand-crafted jackets that will last a decade or more.

But what about basic, essential items? We don’t hear much about essentials such as T-shirts, which makes the work of Sanvt all the more interesting. This German fashion start-up Sanvt has come up with what it calls ‘The Perfect T-Shirt’ and we were given the chance to review it.

Sanvt’s objective is to make better ‘essentials’, and in doing so, convince the consumer to buy/use less, but better products. The company’s ‘Perfect T-Shirt’ is its signature product, basic – but still stylish and affordable with a luxury feel.

Sanvt offers a permanent all year collection, meaning it doesn’t have to work to a seasonal calendar. The products are designed to survive the changing tide of fashion by being timeless classics.

In order to minimise emissions, Sanvt keeps things local and transports all products by road and boat. In addition, the company’s factories only use machinery with A or B-grade energy efficiency for knitting and dying processes. The complete production process of The Perfect T-Shirt generates 5kg CO2 (9kg for the Sweatshirt). These emissions are – we are told – about 50 per cent lower than a conventionally produced T-Shirt.

The Perfect T-Shirt comes in different widths and lengths instead of standard sizes, meaning you really do get a great fit. It is produced from 100 per cent single source extra-long staple cotton and handmade in Portugal. With an average length of 37mm, the cotton fibres are twice as long as conventional varieties, resulting in a fabric which is as soft as it is strong.

The T-Shirt we tested was the women’s Boyfriend Fit style. The fit was roomy and comfortable without looking shapeless or baggy. The cotton was amazingly soft and felt like real luxury against the skin. The T-Shirt keeps it’s shape brilliantly after washing and still looks and feels like new after a couple of months of use.

Our verdict: A comfortable stylish and very well-made piece. Perfect as a wardrobe staple which can be dressed up or down as appropriate.

The Savnt Perfect T-Shirt is available from priced at £35.

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