In our household, socks are an endangered species, largely on account of the fact several seem to go missing each time there is a wash on (and the dog has also taken a liking to them). We’re not quite sure the makers of Critically Endangered socks had such a situation in mind when they named their product, but it certainly brought a chuckle.

In fact, the socks we reviewed here, which go by the slogan ‘Socks save species’, see the business work with various animal charities so that when consumers by purchase a pair of their socks, they can support animal charities in the process.

There are five different animals that are helped by purchasing these socks. These are the Hawksbill Turtle, Borneo Orangutan, Maui Dolphin, Sumatran Elephant and Amur Leopard. It’s a simple idea which is why we like it. Essentially, by choosing which pair of socks to buy, you get to choose which charity to help, and for each pair of socks that are sold 20 per cent of the total price goes to the animal charity.

Each pair of socks has a tiny emblem on them of the animal their purchase has helped, and inside the box is a fact sheet (on 100 per cent recycled card) which explains in more detail how each purchase has helped a chosen animal.

Their speckled socks are made from a beautifully soft and sustainable blend of bamboo and cotton, a biodegradable natural material. They also, naturally, come in recycled cardboard packaging. The socks come in small or large sizes, suitable for UK 4-7 and 8-13 respectively. They feel very substantial and quite snug, but we found they were not tight or uncomfortable at all.

The socks are priced mid-range at £12 a pair, or you can buy all 5 pairs for £48, meaning you get one pair free. The pricing appears very reasonable given the materials, given the cause and given that, actually, these socks really are rather cool.

Our verdict: A soft and comfortable pair of socks which keep their shape well and also provide a feel-good factor about helping your chosen animal charity.

Critically Endangered Socks are available at and selected retail partners across Europe and is priced at £12 per pair.

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