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STOCKHOLM – A Swedish company which makes a bio-based oil-spill-absorbing product has purchased the pilot plant of bankrupt textile recycler Renewcell. Biosorbe has bought the premises in Kristinehamn, which are separate to Renewcell’s commercial-scale plant in Sundsvall.

The Sundsvall factory is still for sale, along with Renewcell’s patents and technology. At the end of March, Renewcell bankruptcy administrator Lars-Henrik Andersson said Renewcell had received multiple bids for its business and assets. However, he has not updated since that time and has also stonewalled numerous email requests for comment or updates.

In a statement, Biosorbe said: “Biosorbe has recently been given the opportunity to purchase new factory premises in Kristinehamn, which was previously owned by Renewcell. Renewcell’s business idea was to recycle textile waste to create new textile fibers. Biosorbe, on the other hand, produces oil-absorption materials. Despite these differences, the factory is still suitable for Biosorbe’s purposes.”

The premises in Kristinehamn offer an approximately 10,000 square metre industrial property as well as a process premises of approximately 2,000 square metres. In addition to this, there are premises for stock management, conference rooms and changing rooms. Production in Kristinehamn is expected to start in May this year.

“Right now we are in the process of moving into the premises and preparing for the start of production. The acquisition of the Kristinehamn factory will also mean that Biosorbe’s headquarters will move from Karlstad to Kristinehamn in the near future, as part of the ongoing development. Biosorbe is developing on many levels,” said Kajsa Fougner, CEO of Biosorbe.

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