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STOCKHOLM – Forestry business SCA and textile recycling company Renewcell have signed an agreement for Renewcell to establish textile recycling at SCA’s industrial site Ortviken in Sundsvall. The operation is expected to create one 100 new jobs.

Renewcell’s core product is Circulose’, a dissolving pulp, is produced using post-consumer and post-industrial cotton waste. Re:newcell takes old jeans, t-shirts and other worn out cotton clothes and transforms them into a new natural material without – it is claimed – quality loss. Circulose garments are currently available to buy in stores in collaboration with selected brands.

“We are glad that Renewcell chooses Ortviken as the site for this investment,” said Ulf Larsson, SCA’s president. “We know that Ortviken is a very attractive industrial site with excellent infrastructure, including first class logistic solutions.”

SCA will discontinue the production of publication paper at Ortviken and will thereafter make room for Renewcell’s operations, where one of SCA’s paper machines is currently located. SCA has also started the investment to produce chemically pretreated thermomechanical pulp, CTMP, on the site.

SCA will rent out the space for Renewcell’s operations and will supply utilities such as steam, water treatment and other services.

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