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LONDON – The Campaign for Wool has released a new documentary to educate people about the environmental benefits of wool. The film includes interviews with HRH The Prince of Wales as well as academics and other wool sector stakeholders. The Campaign for Wool says it launched the film, “against a background of misleading anti wool lobbying currently orchestrated by global giants of fast fashion.”

The film interviews leading academic experts in the field of land management and carbon sequestration to, “demonstrate the positive pastoral contribution the grazing of ruminants, particularly sheep, makes to the continued wellbeing of the planet.”

Adds a press statement: “These peer reviewed findings add to already well documented research revealing wool’s unique renewable and biodegradable end of life attributes and the contribution the fibre makes to the circular economy.”

Talking in the film, HRH The Prince of Wales – patron of the Campaign for Wool – says: “It really is of greatest importance that we educate and inform the next generation of makers and consumers of the global benefits of using natural and sustainable resources, including wool which, as a longevity fibre, is then followed by its natural return to the soil.”

The film launches at a critical juncture in fashion sustainability circles. The European Union recently unveiled its textiles strategy, a broad and far-ranging package of proposals which aim to put an end to fashion’s rampant throw-away culture. The EU is particularly critical of fast fashion in its proposals, and also makes the link between microplastic pollution and fashion’s growing dependence on polyester.

The proposals appear to put the EU on a collision course with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, which claims polyester is the world’s most sustainable textile fibre and has spent the past few years discarding calls to incorporate microplastic pollution impacts into its Higg Index.

View the film here: (120) Why Wool Matters; Featuring HRH The Prince of Wales, narrated by Alex James – YouTube

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