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YANGON – Unions in Myanmar have condemned the military coup and called for the result of the 2020 elections to be respected. They have also called on brands to make clear they will not be able to do business until democracy is restored. Brands Apparel Insider has reached out to over Myanmar have all said they are monitoring the situation closely but are not taking any action for now in what is a rapidly evolving situation.

The International Trade Union Congress’s secretary general, Sharan Burrow, said: “The will of the people must prevail, and the international community must exercise maximum pressure to ensure that the military does not succeed in suppressing democracy yet again. We stand in solidarity with the people of Burma, their trade union movement and the other institutions that are defending democracy in the country. Claims by the military of electoral fraud have been rejected by the Myanmar Electoral Commission and are simply a fig leaf for the generals who want to retain power, regardless of the cost to the people and the national economy.”

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