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LONDON – Is this hemp’s time in the apparel industry? In the forthcoming edition of Apparel Insider magazine, which goes to press this weekend, we look at the financial, operational and economic challenges hemp faces in becoming a mainstream fibre in the global apparel industry.

Our next magazine also has in-depth features and interviews on:

  • EXCLUSIVE: moves by natural fibres industries such as silk and alpaca wool to have their Higg MSI scores removed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. We have the latest insight from the key organisations involved.
  • EXCLUSIVE: we reached out to leading global apparel brands and asked them what they will be doing in the wake of moves by the US to ban apparel and cotton imports from Xinjiang. Responses from brands including Nike, Adidas, H&M, Uniqlo, Eileen Fisher, Patagonia, Gap and Zara.
  • EXCLUSIVE: An interview with US technology business Natural Fiber Welding. US luxury brand Ralph Lauren Corporation has announced a minority investment in NFW which has developed a patented technique to transform cotton waste into patented, high-performance materials.
  • A look at the findings of an independent enquiry into Boohoo’s supply chains in Leicester by Allison Levitt QC and what they mean for the future of UK apparel manufacturing.
  • We ask whether attacks by fans of vegan leather on the real thing are justified from a purely sustainability point of view.
  • After a 4-year research project found no evidence to suggest a key measurement tool of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition is actually making any difference, we ask where next for the SAC’s Higg FEM tool.
  • An in-depth report on textile-textile recycling looking at how realistic commercialisation of new techniques is and asking why this sector seems to be stuck on a perennial pilot stage.
  • And … much, much more

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