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ZURICH – Swiss textile technology business HeiQ has announced a partnership with US outdoor apparel brand Patagonia. The pair have launched a new mint oil-based odour control solution for fabrics aimed at reducing environmental impact.

The two companies claim ‘HeiQ Fresh MNT’ is twice as effective as industry standard odour reduction products, reducing the need to launder garments and subsequent water and detergent use.

The solution uses mint oil, a natural product from renewable sources, as opposed to silver and other metals traditionally used in odour control textile technology.

Patagonia has been working with HeiQ for five years. The retailer gives ideas and sets the principles, while HeiQ uses its expertise in specialty chemical formulation and application to textiles to create finishes with a focus on sustainability and functionality.

HeiQ Fresh MNT uses a renewable and responsibly sourced mint oil-derived textile technology to control malodor development on textiles, providing fabrics with a long-lasting odour control capability.

Based on test method ISO17299-3A using isovaleric acid, treated synthetic fibres have more than double the odour control efficiency versus current industry standards, it is claimed.

HeiQ Co-founder and CEO, Carlo Centonze, said: “Our partnership with Patagonia has always been productive as they constantly stretch our innovative capabilities. It therefore comes as no surprise that we were able to discover the powerful properties of mint as an active ingredient for our next generation odour control technology. HeiQ Fresh MNT is further confirmation of our dedication to enhance people’s lives with sustainable innovation. With odour control you need to wash less, saving water, detergent, energy, microfiber and prolong the life of garments. We can all now look forward to a fresher smelling society with natural, reliable and durable odour control.”

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