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ZURICH – Swiss DNA traceable technology specialist Haelixa has announced a collaboration with leading Pakistani denim manufacturer Diamond Denim aimed at increasing transparency in denim supply chains. As part of a first joint project, cotton fibre was ‘marked’ to provide traceable denim from Diamond’s factory in Lahore.

Haelixa works with brands and manufacturers to provide forensic proof for product origin and authenticity from source to retail. The business can develop a unique DNA marker to identify a specific brand, supplier, collection or production lot and material type, such as recycled vs non-recycled.

The partnership with Diamond arrives as brands and retailers continue to seek solutions for improving transparency and traceability along textile supply chains. This is partly in response to proposals for due diligence laws in Germany, France and the EU which look set to make companies legally responsible for human rights and environmental breaches in their supply chains. Consumers are also showing a growing interest in where and how their clothing was produced.

Diamond Denim is part of the renowned Sapphire Group and one of the leading denim mills & garment makers in Pakistan. The business offers vertically integrated solutions from yarn to garments with a strong focus on sustainable fibres, eco-friendly chemicals and water savings.

Ali Abdullah, co-founder of Diamond Denim by Sapphire, said: “We are very happy with our first industrial application of the Haelixa marker. Once production was completed, we sent blind marked and unmarked samples back to Haelixa and their analysis proved to be 100 per cent accurate! Within our mission to provide a clean and sustainable denim product, physical traceability is a big step forward. Haelixa reinforces our already solid supply chain controls and renders irrefutable proof that our product indeed contains what we declare.”

Michela Puddu, co-founder and CEO of Haelixa (pictured) says: “We are proud to be able to support Diamond Denim in their commitment to transparency and sustainability. We also believe that being able to proof the use of recycled fibre will become crucial as there are more and more false claims related to recycling.”

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