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LOS ANGELES – Luxury US apparel retailer, Guess, has launched its own in-store collection and clothing recycling programme in California. ‘Resourced’ has been developed in partnership with collection infrastructure business, I:Collect, and will expand to all of North America by 2018, and globally by 2020. In exchange for bringing in a minimum of five pieces of clothing or footwear to any Guess store, customers will receive 15 per cent off any purchase.

Guess’ commitment to circular fashion is part of its sustainability plan that was disclosed in its FY16-17 sustainability report published last year. Since then, the business has joined the Better Cotton Initiative and also issued a responsible sourcing policy on rayon and other cellulosic materials to protect forests and local communities.

I:CO’s retail take-back system and worldwide infrastructure enables wearable items get a new life as secondhand goods. Unwearable items are recycled into new products like cleaning cloths or recycled into fibres for products such as insulation and new textiles.

“We admire Guess’ sustainability efforts and its commitment to textile recycling,” said Kenneth Cheah, I:CO USA CEO. “Through our partnership, consumers will have an easy way to recycle their unwanted clothing and shoes and it will generate much needed awareness about creating a more circular future of fashion.”

“Guess has joined a global industry pledge to advance a circular fashion system – the idea that fashion should last, and be continuously repurposed, reused and recycled,” added Victor Herrero, CEO of Guess Inc. “Partnering with I:CO helps us achieve our goals and work on these initiatives to adapt our company and engage our employees, customers, and community on developing a more sustainable fashion industry.”

Popular kids fashion brand Branshes which operates 160 shops throughout Japan, has also started a garment collection with I:Collect at select Branshes stores. It is the first first fashion brand in Japan that collects throughout the year and Branshes will continue to expand the number of participating stores in future.

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