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A new patented textile dyeing technology has been developed which uses smart technology to achieve extremely high levels of colour fastness without the use of chemicals and vastly reducing water consumption. The technology uses natural liquid dyes in a dyeing process that completely eliminates wastewater. In addition, it leads to lower dyeing temperatures and shorter dyeing times while offering measurable improved efficiency in energy and emissions.

IndiDye, a solution developed by Expert Fibres which has operations in Oslo and Shanghai, is a potentially game-changing solution which utilises a revolutionary dyeing technology that combines natural colours and ancient dyes with an innovative new ultrasonic fibre dyeing process. The solution addresses the environmental challenges of the textile dyeing process – a thirsty, inefficient process which, in its current form, places a huge strain on the environment in countries such as China and Bangladesh.

The solution of IndiDye sees dyeing implemented at fibre level before the IndiYarns are spun. The process sees dye-tanks filled with batches of fibre together with liquid natural dyestuff, and exposed to ultrasonic pressure waves that push the colour pigments into the core of the fibre. This gives the unique IndiDye colour fastness not previously achieved with natural plant dyes – without adding chemical fixation agents.

Adding to the sustainability story, IndiDye carefully manages the entire supply chain of its products from plant to the production of its organic range of yarns and fabrics – currently available in cotton jersey, wovens and Tencel blends. The dye plants, such as turmeric, safflower and comfrey, are cultivated on farms that are close to water and the dyeing mills, thereby limiting artificial irrigation and transport. They also undergo crop rotation to boost soil conditions and are grown free of pesticides and artificial fertilisers.

In this age of transparency, IndiDye products also provide end users with unrivalled levels of traceability. IndiDye offers traceability to the consumer through QR-codes that identify the natural dye-batch which the end product originates from.

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