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SINGAPORE – Fibretrace, a textile traceability tool, has been awarded a European patent for its “Photon Marker System in Fiber Material” solution. The textile tracing technology, which is presently applicable to cotton, viscose and recycled polyester, previously received a patent in the United States in 2019. The business said it expects to complete trials on wool, leather and bast fibres this year.

Fibertrace’s technology sees luminescent pigments being embedded on fibres at the raw source or spinning mill. The pigment bonds and, it is claimed, is indestructible through the textile processing cycle. These pigments can then be read and tracked through the supply chain using a Fibretrace handheld reading device. This device scans and reads a brand’s individual signature created in luminescent pigment.

Each audit is thereafter recorded in blockchain, with scans or audits recorded in real-time throughout the product’s journey.

Said Danielle Statham, co-founder of Fibretrace: “It’s encouraging to see the rapid pace at which the global fashion and interiors industries are moving towards complete transparent and traceable solutions. Finalising the European Patent for Fibretrace is recognition for the hard work, research and development of our team which provides brands and manufacturers full confidence in the origin of fibre and integrity in their claims.”

Fibretrace’s CEO, Shannon Mercer, said the company’s technology offers reliable and trusted data that allows both brands and consumers to understand the social and environmental impact of their products as it moves throughout the global supply chain.

He said: “Consumers want the ability to make informed choices when it comes to their purchases. The continued growth of technology patents allows solutions like Fibretrace to offer brands real change with global impact.”

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