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AMSTERDAM – Fashion for Good will open a museum in October which explores issues around sustainable fashion. Open seven days a week, the showcase will include interactive technology and circular fashion innovations. Fashion for Good, established by the C&A Foundation, is a global innovation platform, at the heart of which is a scaling programme which offers support, expertise and capital for promising technologies in fashion sustainability.

The museum aims to “change the hearts and minds of visitors by helping them discover the stories behind their clothes, learn how they can take action and explore how they can have an impact on both an industry and international level.”

Visitors will get the chance to learn about the history of sustainable fashion, discover more sustainable products and explore future fashion innovations.

Said a note from Fashion for Good: “Through a series of interactive exhibits and activations, visitors will be able to discover more than 50 innovations set to disrupt the fashion industry.

“At the centre of the experience is a digitally-enabled good fashion journey, through which they can discover and commit to ways to make a difference. at the end, visitors can take home their own personalised good fashion action plan, a digital guide filled with inspiring tips, as well as ways to implement them into their daily lives.

“The museum will also showcase concepts that push the boundaries of good fashion through the good shop, which features a carefully curated collection built around an inspiring theme that will change every three months. The first collection is themed ‘splash: rethinking the role of water in fashion’ and features innovative pieces from adidas x parley, kings of indigo, ecoalf, insane in the rain, karün and miss bay.”

The museum will also contain interactive activations that let visitors “get creative.” In the design studio, for instance, visitors will be able to design their own cradle to cradle certified gold t-shirt and print it on demand.

Editor’s note: A welcome move which opens up the sustainable fashion  debate to end consumers. It will be very interesting to see how many visitors the museum gets.

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