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SPONSORED CONTENT – Waste management is a huge challenge in textile supply chains. Manufacturers are under growing regulatory pressure to implement effective waste management and minimisation strategies. Manufacturers which fail to address this issue face potential fines and penalties, as well as losing business from increasingly sustainability-focused fashion retailers.

Indeed, many retailers now stipulate in their supplier terms and conditions that a manufacturer must undergo regular audits which cover waste and other environmental issues.

Waste management in textile production covers many areas. These include the use and selection of materials, manufacturing processes, the set-up of factories/production plants, waste disposal/management, lifecycle and impacts of the final products and many other critical factors.

As such, a holistic strategy is required.

A leading global expert in manufacturing waste management is D Abdullah Al Mamun, global environmental head with Eurofins Consumer Products Assurance.

Mamun will share his unique insight on this pressing issue in a webinar on 11 May. Mamun has worked environmental compliance for more 17 years and has excellent experience in in-house production sites and third-party organisations. As a seasoned environmental auditor, he has delivered multiple auditing and training services locally in Bangladesh and around the world in Asia and Africa.

In this webinar, Mamun will share practical guidance for manufacturers on how to implement an effective waste disposal/management strategy. He will explain how – when executed properly – such a strategy can deliver a major contribution to broader environmental compliance objectives. It can also generate great value to the nearby community in different aspects.

In this one-hour webinar, Mamun will share insight on:

  • What is waste management?
  • Why sustainable waste management is necessary
  • Benefits of sustainable waste management
  • Methods of industrial waste management
  • 3R Concept and Waste Minimization

For those who cannot join the live session, a recording will be available on-demand afterwards.


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