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BERLIN – German events organiser Messe Frankfurt is merging the two sustainable fashion fairs, Ethical Fashion Show Berlin and Greenshowroom, under a single brand called Neonyt. The aim is to create a “global hub for future-oriented fashion and sustainable innovations.”

The change will take place after the upcoming edition of Berlin Fashion Week from 3-5 July. For the 2019 winter edition, Neonyt will then aim to form Europe’s leading hub for future themes in the fashion industry.

Said Olaf Schmidt, vice president textiles and textile technologies at Messe Frankfurt: “Our vision for the future of the fashion industry is an age of sustainable growth. This requires innovations that find dynamic solutions to social and environmental problems. With Neonyt, we’re launching a global hub that brings together visionary experts in the industry, provides a broad platform for a sustainable lifestyle and continues to provide a consistent future-oriented focus for the fashion industry.”

Thimo Schwenzfeier, show director, Neonyt, added: “Sustainability in fashion has evolved from a nice-to-have to a synonym for innovation and progress. I have been able to actively shape this development at our green trade fairs in recent years. I’m now looking forward to taking our events at the Kraftwerk to the next level together with the established team around Bernd Müller.”

The artificial word Neonyt is derived from the ancient Greek word “neo” (English new, revolutionary) and the Swedish word “nytt” (English: new). Hence Neonyt is intended to signify the current transformational process in the fashion and textile industry.

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