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DHAKAThe Honourable Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, will inaugurate the first ever Made in Bangladesh Week in November. The event represents a major branding exercise for Bangladesh’s burgeoning garment manufacturing industry as it looks to position itself as the first-choice apparel sourcing hub for global fashion retailers.

Made in Bangladesh Week is the first branding event of the Bangladesh Apparel Industry dedicated solely to celebrating and showcasing the groundbreaking, newest innovations, compliance, and sustainable developments of the RMG sector in the global market.

The event aims to promote the apparel industry of Bangladesh locally and globally by showcasing the compelling stories of the ready-made garments sector, especially its impressive strides in the areas of workplace safety, environmental sustainability and workers’ wellbeing.

The event is expected to draw a gathering of more than a thousand people from home and abroad, including key stakeholders in the local and global fashion industry.

Bangladesh’s garment manufacturing industry has undergone a renaissance in recent times. Significant strides have been made in technological innovation, environmentally friendly production, worker welfare and factory safety.

This transformation will be showcased to the world as journalists, policymakers, economists, trade bodies, embassies, and, of course, garment and textile manufacturers, gather in Dhaka.

In addition to panels, seminars, awards, fashion shows and exhibitions, the week will also provide an opportunity for factory tours to give journalists and other stakeholders a chance to see for themselves innovative garment production in Bangladesh.

A website of “Made in Bangladesh Week” has been launched, containing detailed information about the weeklong event. This can be viewed here: https://www.madeinbangladeshweek.com 

Made in Bangladesh Week will be organised by the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) in partnership with Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE).

The week-long event will include:

•             3rd Dhaka Apparel Summit

•             Dhaka Apparel Expo

•             Bangladesh Denim Expo

  •          Fashion Innovation Runway Show

•             Award ceremonies including the Sustainability Leadership Award (TSL), the Sustainable Design and Innovation Award and Made in Bangladesh Photography Award

•             Global launch of the BGMEA Innovation Centre

Faruque Hassan, president of the BGMEA, said: “In recent years, we have undergone a massive transformation in workplace safety, environmental, sustainability and compliance issues. Our vision for the next decade is to pursue new areas of opportunity, growth, and excellence. Modernization, innovation, diversification and technological upgrade are vital, as we also prioritize the health, education and well-being of our workers.

“The apparel industry in Bangladeshis making significant strides toward sustainable manufacturing and continues to build a resilient ecosystem along the key stakeholders within the supply chain.”

“We believe that sustainability is not only about fulfilling social, ecological and community obligations; it is also about building a strategic coalition among the broader stakeholders toward a sustainable, resilient, modern, fair and equitable supply chain.”

Mostafiz Uddin, founder & CEO of Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE), is supporting Made in Bangladesh Week. He said: “We are breaking new ground with this seminal event. With fashion sourcing teams and other executives facing constant demands on the time, we wanted to provide a series of physical shows, exhibitions, seminars, networking opportunities, factory tours and much more, all in one location over the course of a few days.”

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