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LONDON – The coronavirus could be disastrous for China’s polyester and textile supply chains if the disease spreads to other cities. With Central China at a virtual standstill, and all transport links cut amid a lockdown, it is claimed that passing through the Yangtze river – stretching from one end of China to the other – has “become impossible.” With land transport limited, if the virus spreads further, more parts of China could see a similar lockdown, creating a “logistical catastrophe” and huge disruption to industry.

The research comes amid new findings from China’s Health Commission which show the coronavirus can survive for a maximum of five days on smooth surfaces in suitable circumstances.

Comparisons have been made with coronavirus and SARS. A key, worrying difference is that the coronavirus can spread before a person has developed symptoms, whereas a SARS patient would not transmit the virus until 4-5 days after symptoms started.

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