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WAREGEM – Used textile upcycling business, PurFi, has announced a joint venture with Belgium-based manufacturing partner, Concordia Textiles, which aims to commercialise PurFi’s recycling technologies. PurFi currently owns 14 patents/patents pending related to re-using industrial waste, with its technology said to combine the best of chemical and mechanical textile recycling in a proprietary process. The new venture will be called PurFi Manufacturing Belgium, and headquartered in Waregem, Belgium, with management provided by Joy Nunn of PurFi and Carl Baekelandt of Concordia. Founded in 1925, Concordia has nearly a century of expertise in textile manufacturing and finishing and is a completely vertically integrated textile manufacturer

Joy Nunn, CEO of PurFI said: “Carl and I recognised the importance of utilising waste in manufacturing and the lack of that practice in the market. There aren’t any textile manufacturers making virgin quality products from textile waste without a [price] premium. On top of that, we shared a vision to take PurFi’s technologies and commercialise them at a global scale.”

Added Carl Baekelandt, CEO Concordia Textiles: “Some years ago, textiles made from recycled materials were just ‘nice to have’ in one’s product range. Today they are a must-have. More and more responsible brands commit themselves to using textiles made from rejuvenated fibres in their offering.

“Right from the start, Joy and I understood that combining the patented technology of PurFi with the Concordia Textiles Group’s extensive know-how of fabrics would enable us to contribute to textile upcycling on a global level. We consider the integration of circular economy principles in the strategy of our customers as one of the key pillars of our commitment to society.”

Production is set to begin at the start of 2020 in Belgium.

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