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LONDON – We are delighted to this week to share a free guide to cashmere. This 12-page briefing looks at some of the environmental and social challenges related to cashmere and efforts being made to address them.

The full paper can be read at link below:


Like all natural fibres, cashmere has come under-fire in recent years. Concerns have been raised about its links with land degradation and desertification.

Animal rights groups have also criticised the cashmere industry. Indeed, PETA now believes the production of ALL natural animal fibres is inherently cruel.

This briefing looks at some of the efforts being made to address the above issues. It also explores in detail some of the challenges around land degradation and its links with over-production.

Land degradation challenges came to the fore with the break-up of the former Soviet Union in the early 1990s. At that time Mongolia – previously a Soviet satellite state – opened up to global markets (including fast fashion brands).

Climate change is adding another challenge into the mix.

As this briefing points out, cashmere’s challenges are complex and nuanced – but they are far from insurmountable.

We’d like to thank the Sustainable Fibre Alliance and the CASHMERE & CAMEL HAIR MANUFACTURERS INSTITUTE for sponsoring this work.

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