Textile Recycling: State of Play

Textile Recycling: State of Play

For this ground-breaking industry guide on textile recycling, we carried out interviews with key stakeholders in global textile recycling supply chains.

This included policy makers, recyclers, technology companies, fashion brands and garment manufacturers to name a few.

The result is a guide which provides an authentic and credible picture of the current state of play in textile-textile recycling and ‘circular fashion’.

The report focuses heavily on new technology solutions which have entered the textile recycling space, using all chemical or, in some cases, a combination of chemical and mechanical solutions to recycle clothing.

This guide examines the prospects for such solutions, including threats and opportunities and the potential for such technologies to scale.

Tech solutions such as Worn Again, Renewcell, Evrnu, Circ, Infinited Fiber Company and Spinnova are among a dozen solutions examined in the report.

We also spoke to consultants Afry which have worked with several major technology companies on scaling recycling work, including moving from pilots and demonstration plants to full commercial production. Here we looked at the costs of developing and commercialising textile recycling technologies, including the challenges of taking technology from the lab and making it work at scale.

This guide draws on extensive experience of reporting on all the major recycling technologies for a decade, including having regular briefings with industry insiders about the challenges of moving supply chains from linear to circular models.

The guide offers a pragmatic, independent and honest assessment of the current state of play around textile recycling – an issue viewed as central to the sustainability and ESG objectives of most major fashion brands.

As such the guide will be of interest to all actors and stakeholders
along the fashion value chain.

The guide will also be of huge interest to investors and consultants looking at this space.

Order your copy below. The price is £450 and this includes both a print and digital copy.

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