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COPNHAGEN – Danish fashion retailer Bestseller has announced that three of its brands – Vero Moda, Object and Selected – will launch new collections using Circulose, the recycled textile material of Swedish technology company Renewcell.

Circulose is a branded ‘dissolving pulp’ product that is made 100 per cent from discarded cotton textiles. Dissolving pulp is used by the textile industry to make viscose, lyocell, modal, acetate and all other types of man-made cellulosic fibres. The only difference with Circulose is that the pulp is made from textile waste instead of wood.

Camilla Skjønning Jørgensen, Bestseller’s sustainable materials and innovation manager said: “This is innovation at market scale. It’s an extremely important milestone for Bestseller that we now have a sustainable recycling method to produce commercial fashionable garments for our stores.”

(Editor’s Note: Use of the word ‘scale’ might be stretching things here. Bestseller itself admits this is an exclusive and limited collection!)

Renewcell’s circular business manager Jenny Fredricsdotter added: “We rely on global brands like Bestseller to help us close the loop on fashion globally by spreading awareness to their customers and using their influence to shift the supply chain to circularity.

“At Renewcell, we want to change the whole fashion industry. An ambitious and complex mission but necessary as the environmental impact from fashion is only growing.”

Skjønning Jørgensen added: “These materials are in exceptionally high demand, which is why we’re very pleased that we were able to secure fibres from the second batch of Circulose ever produced. And due to the high support and professional effort from our brands included in this process, we have been able to reach an end product of excellent quality,”.

The Circulose fibres have now been spun into yarns and the fabric finished, ready for production. An exclusive and limited edition of styles will be available in stores worldwide in Spring 2021.

H&M was the first brand to use Circulose in its collections, earlier this year for its Conscious line.

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