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TUNIS – Textile workers in Tunisia have received a 20 per cent wage increase distributed over 2024, 2025 and 2026. The increase comes after an agreement was reached between IndustriALL affiliate Fédération Générale du Textile, de l’Habillement, Chaussure et Cuir – FGTHCC-UGTT and the employers’ organisation Fédération Nationale du Textile FENATEX – UTICA.

The Tunisian textile industry plays an important role in the nation’s economy, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern production techniques. Renowned for its quality and diverse product range, the sector encompasses apparel, home textiles, and technical textiles. Tunisia’s strategic location provides it with a competitive edge, fostering trade with Europe and beyond.

The new agreement, reached after negotiations hosted by the general labour inspection headquarters and supervised by the Ministry of social affairs, includes a wage increase of 6.5 per cent for 2024 and 2025, and a seven per cent increase for 2026. A seniority bonus of 1 per cent for every second year of service was agreed, as was a ten percent wage increase for every 20 years of work, a more substantial increase than in the past.

The agreement also includes revisions of a number of regulatory aspects, including amending the chapters of the Joint sectoral textile agreement on promotions. The new revisions ensure that the same grade for promotions is maintained, guaranteeing an upward career path.

Habib Al-Hazami, general secretary of FGTHCC-UGTT said: “The increase is important to restore the purchasing power of workers in the sector. The agreement is a result of the sound social climate in the sector and responsible negotiations.” 

Atle Høie, IndustriALL general secretary, said: “This is an important union win given the difficulties experienced by the Tunisian economy. It is the result of the hard work of FGTHCC-UGTT over many years in organising and improving the sectorial social dialogue. We congratulate all TGSL workers in Tunisia and the union leadership.”

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