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LONDON – Leading global brands including Burberry, H&M, Gap and Stella McCartney have joined a new circular textiles initiative led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Make Fashion Circular builds on the vision outlined in the Foundation’s 2017 report A New Textiles Economy: Redesigning fashion’s future. Dame Ellen MacArthur announced the initiative at this week’s Copenhagen Fashion Summit. The project is backed by the C&A Foundation and Walmart Foundation.

As core partners of Make Fashion Circular, Burberry Group plc, Gap Inc., H&M, HSBC, NIKE, Inc., and Stella McCartney, will work with the Foundation to “radically redesign the fashion industry.”

Participants of the Make Fashion Circular initiative will unite behind three key principles, these being moving towards business models that keep clothes in use, materials that are renewable and safe and recycling solutions.

Said Ellen MacArthur, founder of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation: “For the fashion industry to thrive in the future we must replace the take-make-dispose model, which is worn out. We need a circular economy for fashion in which clothes are kept at their highest value and designed from the outset to never end up as waste. By joining forces to Make Fashion Circular we can harness the creativity and innovation that is at the heart of this USD 1.3 trillion industry to create a system that delivers benefits for everyone.”

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